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shards of life

the mystic chords of memory

Dessine-moi un mouton!
1 October 1981

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about me conservative, big-hearted, intellectual, traditional, adventurous, romantic, practical, shy. I am a transplant to Arizona from Florida and after almost four years, I'm still getting used to the desert.
fandoms Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sailor Moon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chronicles of Narnia, LOTR, Heroes, The Office, Deadliest Catch, Man vs Wild, general anime/manga, FOX News channel, Phoenix Wright, Dragon Age
other interests Nintendo DS, PS3, Oblivion, Civilization IV, shabby chic, Victorian homes, steampunk (getting into it), jpop, antiques
et cetera I'm conservative, an unrepentantly proud American, and my LJ is full of political postings. I strongly advise you to keep this in mind before friending me as I know that conservatives seem to be in the minority on the internet. Um, other than that, I'm pretty laid-back. I like girly stuff, like dresses and retro aprons etc, and I like technology. I currently work in the telecomm industry.

'No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.'
-- Ronald Reagan

'What man would let another man’s words, rather than his deeds, tell him who is at peace and who is at war with him?'
–- Ronald Reagan, paraphrasing Demosthenes

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18th century fashion, 19th century fashion, alan rickman, american culture, andrew gillette, anime, antiques, armin van buuren, avatar: the last airbender, ayumi hamasaki, beckington, blue, bmw, bmw 3 series, books, cheez-it, china, chinese culture, chinese food, christian values, classical music, coffee mugs, colin firth, commodore norrington, consumer reports, coupling, daft punk, damien o'hare, dance dance revolution, disney, do as infinity, dogs, dragon age, dresses, dvds, england, fairy tales, family values, fantasy, ferry corsten, final fantasy xi, flowers, folktales, furniture, fushigi yuugi, gargoyles, gentlemen, ghosts, gillington, gold, graphic design, greek mythology, grimm's fairy tales, grovette, grovington, happy endings, heroes, history, honda civic, honda civic si, horses, ipod, ireland, irish, jack davenport, james norrington, jane austen, japan, japanese culture, japanese mythology, jewelry, juuni kokki, katara, lilac roses, manga, mark steyn, mmorpg, movie soundtracks, mp3s, music videos, mythology, nature, nindendo ds, nintendo wii, oceanlab, okami, opals, patriot, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pirates of the carribean, politics, pre-raphaelite art, psp, rain, regency, republican, rnotc, rnotc macros, roman mythology, romance, romantic, romantic furniture, roses, royal navy, sailor moon, sean hannity, sega saturn, shamrocks, silver, stars, sunrises, sunsets, tea, techno music, the universe, theodore groves, tiramisu, trance, unicorns, united states, united states armed forces, united states navy, victorian, webpage design, white gold, wii, x-japan, yorkies, yorkshire terriers, zuko